9"×9" 3-Section Hinged Container WPB037-3C

9″×9″ 3-Section Hinged Container WPB037-3C

9″×9″ Large 3-Section Molded Fiber Hinged Lid Containers WPB037-3C

9″×9″ hinged lid containers are made from natural molded fiber, wihch is 100% biogradable and compostable. The design has also been improved to strengthen the product for greater rigidity, improved stacking, and allow for greater case-pack efficiency. It will naturally decompose in organic soil, leaving no harmful residue behind within 6 months. Clamshell structure, microwave and freezer safe.

Dimensions Approx (Closed): 230×234×80mm
Material: Sugarcane
Color: White or Unbleached
Food Handling: Cold Foods or Hot Foods
3-Section at Base
Packing: 400pcs/Carton