Our Story

Starting with Non Woven Protective Wear
WellProtek was founded in year 2019 in Xiantao city, Hubei Province, central place of China, which is famous for disposable non-woven products. We’re growing fast and have been manufacturing and exporting disposable non-woven protective wear products for customers in a wide variety of markets, such as food , safety, spa&beauty, medical etc.
Expanding into Bagasse Molded Tableware
While in the huge wave of carbon neutrality, we’ve seen great potentials on eco-friendly bagasse molded tableware products. Driven by the global trend and activities,in year 2022 we stepped in and expanded our portfolio accordingly. We’re dedicated to the green food service trends which are currently changing the overall food service market.

Grow With Our Global Customers

Strong Supply Chain
Two manufacturing facilities for Non Woven Protective Workwears and Molded Fiber Tablewares covering 50000㎡with more than 300 experienced workers so as to deliver our value to the customers.
Rich Manufacturing Experience
With more than 5 years of experience in this field , we maintain strict quality control on our non woven products and bagasse molded tablewares.
Flexiable Ordering
Empowering by our flexible supply chain, small-batch orders are available to be fulfilled on time as well. Besides, the nearest sea port, Wuhan port, is only 100km away.
Quick Reponse
Our team will respond to inquiries or any product concerns in 24hours, offering suitable solutions to partners.
We offer OEM / ODM services including personalized product design, brand logo, packaging design, and so on.
Sustainable Development
Carbon neutrality has become a common purpose on our planet. To live a sustainable life and create a green future for the next generations is our vision.

Our Portfolio

Non Woven Protective Workwears
Face Mask
Molded Fiber Tablewares
Hinged Container